Est. 2004

Flame Work Designs was established in 2004 when two incredibly artistic people met and fell in love. Carolyn had been previously practising flame working as a hobby and when she met Anthony she taught him her skills and he loved it too. Turns out that many other people were in love with what they were doing and so they decided to make it an official company in 2005. Since then, they've toured the world on various cruise lines and have created a following for not only their beautiful creations but who they are as people. When you meet them in person you're not only taking home a bit of their creativity but you also take home a piece of them. "In a world of disconnection we love to know that we took the time to make you feel appreciated." Carolyn & Anthony  

Flame Work Designs glass is made in our home studio in Victoria, BC. We strive to make everything we possibly can by hand. We do both flame worked and kiln fused glass. Each piece is carefully made one at a time and kiln annealed to ensure its durability. Flame Work Designs is a company dedicated to creating jewelry that is enjoyable, affordable, and compliment guaranteed!  


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